The Rain Room

Just before Christmas we went on a little studio festive outing – yummy food and then the Rain Room at the Barbican. The Barbican is awesome. It has quality music, art and theater,… Continue reading

My Favourite Rings

So I have been looking for wedding rings on etsy recently…and I have found so many lovely rings. I thought I would do a round up of my favourites. I don’t think I… Continue reading

Snow Snow Snow

This past weekend in London it snowed a lot. (well for us it was a lot) It hasn’t stayed all that long but we had a good weekend of it. NM and I… Continue reading

Week 03 – Get more sleep

So another one of my resolutions this year is to get more sleep. I really think it will make a difference to my life. Unfortunately it is something that I have never been… Continue reading


I have been thinking a lot recently about photography and about how I want to improve. I feel like I have got so used to just snapping pictures on my phone that I… Continue reading

My Favourite Valentines Cards

Being the organised sort of girl I am, I thought I would start investigating valentines cards (its only a month away!). I think I might make my own this year….in order to fulfill… Continue reading

The art of communication

Yesterday at marriage class we learnt about the importance of communication in relationships. So basically I am super selfish and interrupt all the time because I want to say what I have to… Continue reading


So here is week 2 in my year long project of posters. I decided to stick with the hand drawn theme of last week and keep it pretty simple, I might do a… Continue reading


So I have decided to do a little project this year. It might all go horribly wrong…or it might turn out really well, but basically I wanted to set myself a creative project… Continue reading

Ding a ling

This is a blurry pic from NM’s phone of me ringing the church bell after Anna and Phil’s wedding. Fun times. I think I would quite enjoy taking up bell ringing as a… Continue reading