Found Font Friday – Entrance

Really love this hand painted sign – and the arrow. I spotted this somewhere around Borough Market. can’t remember exactly where. oops. This weekend is going to involve folding things and doing wedding… Continue reading

My Fave kitchen things (in blue)

NM is pretty excited about pimping our kitchen when we are married. He is going to organise it all and get it all neat and tidy and how he likes it. I can’t… Continue reading

Week 10 – No one is useless

I have been thinking about this quote a bit recently. I think sometimes I struggle with the thought that I am not doing anything big and dramatic and world changing with my life… Continue reading

Paul Rand – Legend

The last few days I have been on a course. It reminded me how much I love learning and how inspiring it is. Especially when it is design related! The tutor showed us… Continue reading

Indian Breakfast

At the weekend we were back in Cardiff sorting out some wedding things…and we went for an Indian breakfast (I had been dreaming about it for weeks). It did not disappoint. It was… Continue reading

Found Font Friday – Smoking Room

Loving this old Smoking Room sign…with a bit of san serif and serif going on. Love the old weathered look of it as well. Old stuff is just so cool. I saw this… Continue reading

My Fave grey (and a hint of yellow) things

So the sun came out…I got all excited and thought YES spring is out and I am buying daffodils. And then it went grey again. and it drizzled. ha so as a result… Continue reading

Week 09 – Comparison is the theif of joy

I have noticed I have been comparing myself to others a lot recently…are they a better friend than I am, is their wedding going to better than mine, do the have better ideas… Continue reading

Found Font Friday – To The Trains

This weeks Found Font Friday comes courtesy of the London Underground. Hmm I have possibly forgotten which station it was at…but I am going to guess Baker Street. (Feel free to correct me… Continue reading

My Favourite Minty things

It was actually light when I left work yesterday…exciting times! Spring is on its way – even though it is still freezing cold. Mint green is such a bright and fresh colour and… Continue reading