We Wed

So it happened. We did it. Last Saturday I married my bestie! after all the build up…that’s it…its done. and now we have the rest of our lives together! I am still getting… Continue reading


The other night was another reminder of how different NM and I really are – and how our brains just work in such different ways. NM was really keen to make a list… Continue reading

Week 13 – Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication

I think sometimes I forget how good simple is. especially in design. Sometimes all you need is one colour (or even just black and white) and a classic and beautiful typeface. Some people… Continue reading

Week 12 – Storms make trees take deeper roots

Sooooo I have fallen behind. I guess it was bound to happen especially as it is only 3 weeks away from the wedding. Well less than that now. Things seem to be going… Continue reading

Kitchen Organisation

One of the other things that I am really excited about is the Kitchen. I have to be honest this is mainly going to be NM’s domain…because he will be using it the… Continue reading

Found Font Friday – Springfield Organ Co.

This weeks Found Font comes courtesy of NM. A few weeks ago he was in the recording studio and snapped a pick of this beautiful old organ – which has gorgeous typography on… Continue reading


OH MY GOODNESS. Jordan of the blog Oh Happy Day – just did a lovely post all about Churros. When I lived in spain I loved Churros…and was so excited when I found… Continue reading

My Fave etsy shop – Wood & Grain

This week I am breaking from tradition and instead of featuring a round up of things I have found on etsy I am just going to show you one shop I have found.… Continue reading

Week 11 – When you look back everything is different

eeek I am late with this post, but here is this weeks quote poster. Its a bit experimental really and I have just been playing around…but thought I would continue with the theme… Continue reading

All Change – time for a studio

So its pretty crazy around here (well its not really but it feels like it to me) and the next 2 months are going to be full of change. Its exciting but also… Continue reading