Emily McDowell

Emily McDowells work totally makes me smile and giggle. How cute is the card top left. If I hadn’t just got married I would totally be looking for someone to give this too.… Continue reading

our wedding: part four

So I have decided to make this the last wedding post you will be relieved to hear – and it is the photobooth! Literally the most fun thing. It was so great going… Continue reading

our wedding: part three

I can’t wait until tomorrow to post the next lot of pics so here we are. We later moved further into the park to the beautiful lake. We convinced some guys to let… Continue reading

Our wedding: part two

After the service we headed of to a park just down the road to take some pictures with the wedding party. The light was stunning and we had a great time posing much… Continue reading

our wedding: part one

I am so excited to share some of our wedding shots with you all. We had such an incredible day and Jonathan and Andrew did such a great job of capturing it all.… Continue reading

Found Font Friday – Jamie Oliver

For a while now I have been a bit of a lover of the Jamie Oliver brand – and for a while now I have thought my dream job would be designing for… Continue reading

Ortigia food market

So it probably won’t come as a massive surprise that NM and I love food. NM is more of a foodie than me and seems to know so much…but he has been teaching… Continue reading

Spare room inspiration

One of the exciting thing about being married is the extra space we have. It is such a luxury in London to have a spare room to have people to stay. At the… Continue reading

etsy birthday wish list

As if getting married wasn’t exciting enough I have a birthday coming up (ok blatantly its no where near as exciting as getting married…and this year it will be low key – but… Continue reading

Life recently

We are back! back in the real world! Sorry for the silence on the blog for the last month. Life has been full of exciting new things and adventures. We got married (the… Continue reading