Lizzy Loves …

This weeks finds are pretty cute. I love the idea of the one year of white pages – what a great gift that would be! oh man I love notebooks. Also thinking I… Continue reading

Polaroid Frames

How beautiful are these polaroid frames!! I am now dreaming of a whole wall covered in these. They really make the polaroids into a work of art. (found via swissmiss)

Summer Goals

So I thought a helpful thing this summer would be to set my self some goals. Things that I would like to achieve and I have set myself the end of September as… Continue reading

our lives in polaroid

Ok so technically not polaroid but instax…but hey its the same deal. These are some pics that we took on our honeymoon. It was such an amazing time. I am hoping to have… Continue reading

Lizzy Loves …

So I think I am going to do a new little feature on the blog called ‘Lizzy Loves’ – which is basically going to be a bunch of pretty things that I have… Continue reading

Spinning gifs

I was thinking the other day that I want to try and make some interesting/fun animated gif’s and then I stumbled across the work off RRRRRRRROLL – a Japanese art and photography collective.… Continue reading

I heart bobs

Ever since my hair grew longer than my shoulders I have been dreaming about cutting it into a bob. I think a bob is my favourite all time hair style. It is easy… Continue reading

Roses in summer

Who ever lived in our house before I did kind of did an amazing job with the garden. Last summer we found a whole variety of herbs, berries, strawberries even potatoes.(which NM picked… Continue reading


These guys (MaricorMaricar) have mind blowing embrodery skills! awesome! They also have an etsy shop which is super cute. It is amazing when people take a craft and do it really really well!

Give thanks

I saw this illustration by Ana Victoria Calderon the other day and I love it – it was such a good reminder to give thanks. I think sometimes I get so wrapped up… Continue reading